The greatest gift we can give to the world is the person we become. But how do we become a particular kind of person?

There are many propositions that attempt to answer this question, propose a vision, define a reality, and explain the process.

At the Institute we approach this endeavor acknowledging the seen and unseen, the possibility of fundamental transformation, and the power of love.
Everything happens in the context of relationship. Change the way we relate and our entire world changes.
Andrew Nemr
What if our entire lives were creative endeavors? We live and become. We leave something behind in the wake. What if this creative endeavor was infused, enlivened, and inspired by love?
Creatives have been formed to bring their imagination to life within their craft. What if that idea was applied to the whole of life?
Andrew Nemr
Change is at the heart of any transformation. In order to support this the Institute engages in four areas of activity.


Each area invites your participation.
The greatest gift you can give to the world is the person you become.
Andrew Nemr
Wherever you might be on your journey, whatever you might be carrying, this is for you.

This is an invitation to explore the creative nature of life, the real possibility of something new, and to engage in the process of your own formation.
Express Your Interest
Want to be a part of this journey? Express your interest here. Share anything you think we need to know – Where are you coming from? What are you hoping for? We'll keep you posted!
The Nemr Institute is a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit.

Dedicated in loving memory to Joseph Nemr.

Engaging creative communities around transformational experiences.