Without the leadership of my father, the love of my parents, and their wild support of my ideas, my journey would be very different.

Parents have a profound impact on their children, and my dad was no different. He taught me how to see, how to think, and what to be concerned with.

He wasn't perfect, but he was good.
About Joseph Nemr
Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Joseph Nemr, was the younger of two boys in an environment that held to the old world ethic of favoring the elder son.

A leader in the local scouts troop and the Christian youth group El Mountalikoun, Joseph was known for his integrity and creative spirit even at a young age.

He would meet the love of his life, Marlene Leila, while in the youth group, be married shortly thereafter, and set off on an adventure together, deciding to leave Lebanon after the onset of the civil war.
Together they would land in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There, their only son, Andrew, would arrive, and their family would begin.

A painter at heart, Joseph set his skills and creativity toward the betterment of his family. He worked in finance, sales, service industries and design, as an entrepreneur and manager, in as many industries as he had roles. He went from building models of camp grounds to building buildings (literally). In support of his son's pursuits, he became the executive producer of Cats Paying Dues first shows, and a founding member of the board of the Tap Legacy™ Foundation, Inc., alongside Gregory Hines.

From a public perspective, Joseph may not have been considered a successful artist. He had only one public showing of his own artwork. Nevertheless, he lived the life of an artist – attentive, sensitive, intentional, and creative – expressing these characteristics in meaningful interactions with others. Rooted in a deep and simple faith in Jesus Christ, Joseph believed in the integrated life. He didn't know how to not be a husband and father – a protector, provider, supporter, and teacher.

His life is remembered by the people who knew him, and in the work of this institute.
Everything happens in the context of relationship. Change the way we relate and our entire world changes.
Andrew Nemr
The Nemr Institute is a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit.

Dedicated in loving memory to Joseph Nemr.

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