My dad was an artist at heart. While never professional, his creativity permeated every aspect of his life.

He was the first person to teach me how to see things that weren't self evident. He believed deeply in the unseen world, and in the creative power of choice.

The Approach

My dad brought me into the room, and sat me down. We had a particular curtain in this room that had painterly effects all over it. Different colors, splatters and strokes, lines and shades, were found all over this curtain. My dad sat me down and asked, "What to do you see?"

"I don't know." I responded shyly.

My dad then slowly began to nudge me. "Do you see the face?" My sight began to shift as he started to point out the features. In this instant my dad taught me a way of seeing what is hidden.

Creativity is at the heart of transformation. It is what allows us to think that something completely new is possible.

Creativity is a function of vision. The creative person is the one who makes a choice that others couldn't see was available, let alone possible. To learn creativity, then, is to learn how to see what isn't readily visible.

This happens in a process. First there is the realization that every moment of choice has the potential of immense creativity. Even small choices that we take for granted have creative potential when considered.

Comfort with experimentation comes next. This is the adoption of the beginners mind, that sets aside current knowledge allowing for discovery. It is the adoption of the way of the archeologist, that digs for something they hope to find but can't see yet. It is the adoption of the mind of a scientist, that experiments with a hypothesis in mind. It is the mind of a student whose aim has been set by a trustworthy teacher.

The development of the creative muscle is one that can take deep roots. Not just a skill to be applied in a particular circumstance – like creating a work of art – creativity can be a way of navigating life, a disposition, even a character trait – but not without a supportive program of formation.

Everything happens in the context of relationship. Change the way we relate and our entire world changes.
Andrew Nemr
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