Areas of Life
Activities designed to open our eyes to our own formation and envision new ways.
Spiritual formation is connected to every aspect of our lives. Considering the impact our formation has on particular areas of our lives is one way to begin to engage deeply. Each program below is designed to guide participants in interactive activities for the sake of discovery and opportunities for change.
Artists engage in a highly formative practice for the sake of their craft. Reflecting on the interaction of this pursuit and their individual formation is the heart of this four-session course.
Rest // NUACH
Rest of the soul is connected to what we rest our lives upon. Nuach is dedicated to exploring ways that allow for rest of the soul, the deepest possible rest. Surveys, single day retreats, and more are available here.
Conversation // THE TABLE
Conversation is a communication mode that invites discovery through curiosity and generosity. It is not argument, debate, even dialogue. It goes deeper and is practiced at The Table.
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Dedicated in loving memory to Joseph Nemr.

Engaging creative communities around transformational experiences.